Best Shoes for the Nabucco Pipeline Project by and

Hi, my name is Judy but my friends all call me the “Shoe Fairy” because I have a weird obsession about shoes. I just cannot seem to get my mind off shoes. If there is a fashionable shoe in the market, you can bet your last dollar that I will know a thing or two about it. This is because I eat shoes, drink shoes and sleep dreaming about shoes. I recently read an article about the Nabucco Pipeline project. It intrigued me enough to start thinking about the best shoes for the Nabucco Pipeline project. But, before I start talking about these shoes, here is a brief introduction to the Nabucco Pipeline project.

The Nabucco Pipeline project was originally conceived to be a pipeline that would transport gas to Europe from the Caspian Sea. The idea was that the pipeline would not have to go via Russia. Unfortunately, this pipeline project has been cancelled.

The European Union had sponsored this pipeline. The length of the pipeline came down from its original 3900 kilometers to just 1300 kilometers. A section in the east was meant to go through Azerbaijan and then to Georgia and later to Turkey and finally to Bulgaria. However, this project had to be abandoned and in its place a new pipeline was envisaged that would begin operation by the year 2018. This new pipeline is known as the Trans Anatolian Pipeline or TANAP.

Nabucco Pipeline

Nabucco-West was the sole part of the original pipeline to be used in the new project. However, this project was also cancelled in June.

The Nabucco Pipeline project failed because of many reasons including some that was geopolitical by nature and others that were related to business reasons. The idea behind the Nabucco Pipeline was to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. However, the Nabucco Pipeline would only have been capable of carrying about a percent of the total demand for gas in Europe. The project was a European one though the TANAP project only involved Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The decision to cancel the Nabucco Pipeline project was not however taken in a European city but was taken in Baku. A new project called TAP or Trans Adriatic Pipeline was envisaged in Budapest where reps from Nabucco and TAP met and decided to abandon the Nabucco Project and continue with TAP.

The company that was most affected by the cancellation of the Nabucco Pipeline Project was Austria’s OMV, which had been promoting this project for many years. BEH Of Bulgaria and Transgaz fro Romania along with FTSZ from Hungary was the other companies affected by the cancellation of the Nabucco Pipeline project.

Though this project has been cancelled it got me thinking about the kinds of shoes that workers of the now-dead project would have needed to perform their construction duties. One pair of shoes that caught my attention was the different work and duty shoes being sold by In particular, a pair called the Timberland PRO Met Guard caught my attention.

Timberland Pro Met Guard boots

This shoe was different as it had a waterproof steel toe and it was perfectly suited for working on a construction project. This pair has uppers that were built of strong leather. They also had a good shield that would make it easy for the wearer to squat and work. The design of the shoe is such that it follows the natural shape of the wearer’s foot. The height of the heel is 1 ¼ inches while the weight of the shoes is 2 pounds and 7 ounces. The best part about this pair of boots is that it is resistant to oil and heat as well as abrasion. It’s waterproof, flame resistant, Slip resistant, Oil, abrasion, and heat resistant. PERFECT for a CONSTRUCTION WORKER! is another good source for boots. If you are planning on working on a pipeline project then you will certainly want to check out this pair of shoes, which I think are perfect for the job on hand: Men’s Timberland Classic.

Timberland Classic Men

This six inch pair of boots offers many benefits including being waterproof and rugged. These boots are also very dependable and are well crafted as well. It features uppers that are waterproof and made of leather. The midsole has climate control lining and the outsole is made of lug rubber. I like the color. It’s the color of the mud/soil. Dust will not show on the shoe. Good for a construction worker.

Timberland has an anti-fatigue technology, which is very useful for construction workers who wear these shoes 8-10 hours a day.

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coupons for 6pm

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