5 Shoes Men Must Have

Date: May 18, 2015 Posted by: Judy In: Shoe Advice

Here’s a sartorial pop quiz:

True or False: Do people notice your shoes?


True or False: By choosing the right shoe, you can take an average outfit and elevate it to excellent.

That’s definitely true!

True or False: You can have an amazing outfit on, but by choosing the wrong shoes (maybe they’re dirty, dated, or whatever) you can take a potential opportunity and turn it into a style liability.

This is absolutely true.

Finally. True or False: Shoes are awesome!

Actually, that’s not even a question! It’s more like a statement of fact. Shoes are definitely awesome!

Today we’re to be talking about shoes. More specifically, the top 5 shoes that men must have in their wardrobe. You should know before we start that your five may differ from this list, based on age, lifestyle, and personal preferences. But these top five styles can serve as a great guide for those of you who are just starting out or updating your current outfit collection.

Number One: The Basic Black Dress Shoe

Black Dress Shoe

All shoe collections should be built around the simple black dress shoes. A black dress shoe is simple. It’s classic. You can wear it with a suit. You can wear it with jeans. You can wear it with slacks. You can wear it with chinos. It does not even matter. The only thing is that it can’t be really shiny. A super shiny dress shoe only works really well with the higher end outfit choices like suits and really dressy wear. When choosing a black dress shoe, you want to look for a leather that is black with a really matte finish. This way the shoe can transition easily from super dressy to casual. A matte black dress shoe won’t be great with super casual, but can work with chinos or, in some cases, jeans. What kind of style of simple black dress shoe should you choose? A loafer is a great option for this first pair of black dress shoe. This style looks better with all lot of the more casual outfits. Some of the lace ups, cap toes, brogues, and other styles of that nature, are going to look better on the upper end with suits, slacks, and business wear. But this first black dress shoe to be versatile. You need to go with something a little bit more casual. And don’t go for a super stylized shoe like a monk strap. This will not work well with the casual end of the fashion spectrum. Don’t go with stylized for number one, maybe number two. But you need this basic shoe to be as versatile as possible.

Number Two: The Basic Brown Dress Shoe

Brown Dress Shoe

Speaking of casual to formal versatility, the brown dress up is the super sexy second cousin of the black dress up. And all the same rules apply. You need a brown dress shoe because black is cool, but you don’t want to wear black every day. There’s nothing that adds richness and dimension to an outfit like a great brown shoe. Here’s a public service announcement: There are some guys who, when they go shoe shopping, find a great black dress shoe and think “I love this shoe; it’s great! And it comes in brown? I’ll get two!” They assume that the problem has been solved. Don’t do this! You have to step a little out of your box. When you find a black shoe that you love, you have to find a brown shoe in a different style. If your black shoe is a slip on, then look for a brown shoe that is a lace up. The whole point of these two basic shoes is that they must be versatile. You must switch it up.

Number Three: A Cool Pair of Boots.

mens boots

Boots can also be versatile. You can go Chukka or a Desert Boot or a Snub Nose Frye. If you haven’t checked out Frye Boots, make that your next stop! Boots are sexy! And for short guys, they add a little bit of height. Because of their heel, you won’t have to mess with lifts. Boots are a great casual option. They look great with jeans. They look great with corduroys and chino pants. They add a little flare to any outfit.

Number Four: Casual Leather Shoe

Casual Leather Shoe for Men

But man cannot live on black shoes, brown shoes, and boots alone. That’s why they need the leather casual shoe. Recommended version of the leather casual includes either the Cole Haan lace up or the driving moc. This is the ideal shoe for you to wear casually. You can wear this shoe when you’re going out on the town to hang out with friends in a relaxed and informal setting. This is a great option for you to wear in order to dress up shorts. You can also wear these without socks and dress up shorts. These kinds of shoes are comfortable and versatile. You can wear them in a laid back environment at a cook out or at your favorite low-key bar. You don’t have to worry you if they get a little beat up.

Number Five: The Fashion Sneak

Sneaker shoe for men

The fashion sneak is also called the sneaker, trainer, or tennis shoe. This is not the shoe that you wear to the gym or go running in. This is the shoe to wear when you are casually “kicking it” around town and you still want to look super fresh and fly. There are many retro-inspired sneakers that are out there on the market. A lot of online department stores, like Finish Line, have these options at a great price. The best part is that they are really not that expensive. Fashion sneaks are a great way to step up your game and still look super cool, but not like you’re wearing ratty old, beat up sneakers. They are also great because you can wear them in casual situations where you know you’re going to be active, but you don’t want to compromise when it comes to how you look.

You may have a different top five basic shoes for any man’s wardrobe. It all depends on your personal preference. You may hate driving mocs and love boat shoes. The same sort of rules apply when looking for shoes to build your style. With these five styles of shoes, you will always find yourself with the right shoe for whatever the occasion calls for.

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