Judy the Shoe Fairy

When growing up, my friends used to call me the “Shoe Fairy” or even “Nabucco”  (short for Nabucodonosor). Why? You guess is as right as mine – I used to rock in the latest shoes in the market. I had an obsession for shoes, and to satisfy this obsession I had to be as rich as Nebuchadnezzar king was!

Hello, my name is Judy and I love shoes (Well, some people prefer to call me a shoe freak). To tell you the truth, I Drink, Eat, and Sleep ladies shoes. I don’t think there is any fashionable shoe that can escape my eyes. I remember as if it were yesterday when I got my first shoe that turned me into shoe enthusiasts. It was about 16 years ago when my mom bought me my first pair of stilettos for my graduation party. I remember the sharp heel and shiny body that glimmered in the light. (At times I tend to think it’s the shoe that made me declared prom queen…mmm who knows).

Anyway, as I was saying my life revolves around fashionable shoes for women. I write about them. Blog about shoes, take pictures of shoes (I’ve even taken a selfie with a couple of shoes). To me, a shoe is not just another piece of footwear. It is a sense of fashion. A way to express ourselves. And this is why I started this blog. I wanted to share my experiences with other shoe lovers (and soon-to-be shoe enthusiasts). As women, we know too well that our shoes influence the kind of day we will have. A bad shoe can ruin your entire day. (Talk about blisters and pains.)

To me this is not just another blog about shoes, but, a journey to rediscovering and appreciating shoes. It doesn’t matter whether you love athlete shoes, or you prefer gladiator sandals, or you have a soft spot for high heels. What we know is that besides making us look good the right shoes also make us feel good about ourselves.

Lemmi take this opportunity to welcome you my blog hoping that we will have fascinating and fun talk about shoes.