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We value you as a client and visitor of and it is therefore our duty to inform you about our privacy policies which are in line with our terms of service. By visiting and submitting any information you solely agree to comply with our policy and are in support of how we conduct our services.

Personal Information

The personal information that you have given us is used in ensuring that we deliver and offer great and quality service to you. It is also used in contacting you. That is, if you have agreed to be contacted by us. When we contact you it would be in regards to the services that you have requested from us and in seeking your opinion on how we can serve you well. The information collected from you will never be shared with any third parties and we have taken the necessary steps in ensuring that it is secured and free from hackers or any other parties who have malicious intent. We will also never sell the information given to us. has partnered up with several advertisers but this does not guarantee their credibility and as such if you click on their links will not be liable of any consequences that will arise from such acts.


Our site uses cookies which helps get the accuracy of the information provided. It also enables us to know the different locations that people are assessing the site from.


In case you provide us with sensitive information uses the latest in encryption and SSL technology to safeguard the information provided

Cancelling subscriptions

You can opt out of any active subscriptions from our email and newsletters at any time. The process will be done immediately but it is also advisable to give us a window period of up to 48-hours to effect this change.

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If you have any questions about our policies or terms of service you can contact us at any time and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.