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Review of PUMA future Disc Blaze Sneaker

Date: May 1, 2015 Posted by: Judy In: Shoe Reviews

Undoubtedly, most of you will agree with me when I say that a good pair of shoes are worth their weight in gold. Being a fitness fanatic, I tend to put a lot of attention to the pair of shoes I am wearing. “Are they comfortable?”, “Are they durable?”, “Are they worth my hard-earned money?”, are some of the important questions I tend to raise before buying a pair. German footwear giants PUMA have been in the shoe production business for a long time now, and I have to say, they have rarely disappointed. Their latest product, the PUMA Future Disc Blaze Sneakers hit the market sometime back and they’ve raised quite a few brows. If you are wondering why, take a keen look.

1. Increased Style and Comfort

Like any other clothing item, your shoe should not only be comfortable, it should also be fashionable. I know you’re wondering, “It’s an athletic shoe, why should it be fashionable?”. You’re right, its main purpose is athletic, but ask yourself, “Why shouldn’t I stand out when getting fit, or taking a walk?”

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The Disc Blaze Sneakers have been incorporated with twisted internal wires which tighten the shoe’s upper part to provide you with much needed comfort. The breathable Eco-OrthoLite sock liner on the inside is another added feature which guarantees that the shoe fits you comfortably. Moreover, the shoe’s plastic cage overlay majorly adds to the comfort and almost makes you feel like you’re walking barefooted!

On fashionable terms, I noticed that the shoe comes in a variety of colors, making it very versatile. Its lightweight fabric gave it a kind of sparkle which was actually very unique. Match that for style.

2. Very durable high-performance shoes

So, like a mentioned earlier, these sneakers are mainly designed for athletic purposes. Therefore, performance counts, a lot!

When using them, I couldn’t help but notice how lightweight they were. After some research, I found out that the sole was made from EverRide rubber components, which are lighter compared to normal rubber.

Another plus when it came to the sole was the grippy EverTrack material it was made from. I could do my runs very comfortably, hardly slipping even once. Additionally, the rubber sole looked very durable and abrasion resistant even after consistent use. Seems I’ll be having them for a while.

All this goes without mentioning the breathable upper mesh. Strategically and Professionally placed, it ensured that my feet were always “fresh”.

3. Very easy to wear and use

When it came to the lace department, the shoe didn’t have any. Instead, there were replaced by a disc that could be easily turned to ensure the shoes fit perfectly. To be honest, this was a first for me and I was very impressed. Not only did I wear and fit them with ease, I also felt really special.

The PUMA Future Disc blaze Sneakers are truly revolutionary. Most people have put a lot of praise on their comfort and durability. However, there are some who complained that the disc that replaces the laces was delicate and broke easily. Apart from that, the sneakers have received generally wonderful reviews.

In conclusion, the evidence is clear. I don’t mean to judge but for me, PUMA outdid themselves. I would buy a second pair in a heartbeat. The shoe’s design and performance were my main selling point. If you’re the athletic type or you just want to get some comfortable sneakers, I would highly recommend them.

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