Sherishoe: A New Solution to Smelly Shoes and Embarrassing Feet

Date: May 13, 2015 Posted by: Judy In: Shoe Reviews

If you are like me and have a problem with sweaty, smelly feet, then you probably find yourself constantly looking for solutions. I have tried almost everything, including talcum powder in my shoes, washing my feet a few times a day, and wearing socks all the time, but nothing has worked for me. Because my “problem” I ended up with a classic symptom, the fungal infection Athlete’s Foot.

Athlete’s Foot is embarrassing and irritating, it can be itchy and sore, and above all it looks disgusting. I tried all of the major brands to rid my once beautiful feet of this disease, but again nothing was working. What I had never considered, until I found Sterishoe, was that maybe I should target the root of the problem, my shoes.

I had never even thought about this until I saw reviews on Amazon and other shoe sites about the Sterishoe, and thought it was an interesting way of looking at the problem. Sanitizing the shoes, or fixing the shoes, rather than my feet.


Because I run for exercise, and this is when I sweat the most, my trainers, despite having washed them a number of times, were smelly and dirty. I targeted them first and bought and fitted the Sterishoe sanitizer. Let me explain to you a little more about how Sterishoe works.

It uses ultraviolet light, believe it or not, to get rid of stinky bacteria and fungus living in your shoes! It comes in one size, and worked perfectly for my trainers, although I couldn’t see it working so well for my high-heels. I looked into this a little more, and apparently ultraviolet light is a common way of killing micro-organsims, who knew! Professionals use UV light in hospitals, on swimming pools, and in dentists surgeries to kill bacteria

You fit the device into your shoes, and insert them into the provided black bag, which helps to block out the light, and not expose you to any of the ultraviolet rays. If the device is exposed to ambient light then it switches itself off for safety reasons, so it can’t harm you.

I tested it on my stinky trainers. I fitted the device into the shoe and held the black bag shut, and after two treatments my shoes were smelling fresh and clean. With regards to my infection, I wasn’t sure how if it would work. The device was fixing my shoes and not my feet, had it just fixed one problem and not the other?

Thankfully, no. Because the device focuses primarily on the toe box area of the shoe, the area of my infection, it was promising, and after a few weeks I started to see results. My infection was starting to improve, and after a few months of sanitizing my trainers my Athlete’s Foot was no more.

I would recommend using the Sterishoe mostly to reduce the stench of trainers used for exercise and other casual shoes, but as bonus for me, and as a result, I also managed to reduce my fungal infection. I have stopped trying chemicals on my feet and shoes, and instead use Sterishoe as a easy and mess-free treatment that actually works.

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