Why Do I Keep Choosing The Nike Flex Run Running Shoes For Men?

Date: May 18, 2015 Posted by: Judy In: Favorite Bags and Apparel

The Nike Flex Run running shoes originally debuted in 2012. Since that first iteration, a new version of these shoes has been released each year. I bought my first pair of these shoes toward the end of 2013, and they’ve been my go-to running shoes ever since then. Nothing stopped me from purchasing the 2014 version this past December. By the time December 2015 arrives, I’ll more than likely purchase another pair of these shoes without hesitation.



Originally, I paid $90 for the 2013 Nike Flex Run running shoes. Newer editions of the shoes cost anywhere from $60 to $100, depending upon the retailer. I made the first purchase at Famous Footwear but purchased the 2014 Nike Flex Run running shoes directly from Nike. Later, I found I could have bought them from FinishLine.com and save 20%. Without a doubt, I love these running shoes because they’re incredibly lightweight. Parts of the shoes are designed with mesh, ensuring maximum breathability during a run. The shoes provide excellent support, too.



Like most Nike running shoes, the Flex Run series comes in a variety of colors. Options are available for men and women alike. Color patterns range from blacks and grays to far more vibrant color schemes. Typically, I opt for gray or black Flex Run shoes with a little splash of color. Color options don’t affect price, so you can choose a color scheme without worrying about added costs. I have yet to find running shoes that are so lightweight and breathable while still providing maximum support.

Interested buyers can find the Nike Flex Run running shoes at most footwear retailers. This includes Big 5 Sporting Goods, Famous Footwear, and even Nike’s website. In the end, these running shoes are my absolute favorite for a variety of reasons. I plan on purchasing each new edition on an annual basis until the line is discontinued. Nike and other companies make plenty of great running shoes, but it’s hard to beat the Nike Flex Run shoes.


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